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Circle of the Wild Wood

A Dallas Wiccan Coven

Circle of the Wild Wood is a Wiccan coven of the American Tradition of the Goddess. We are located in North Dallas. As a teaching Coven, our focus is to cultivate good leaders in the Tradition and in the community.  Because we are committed to this ideal, classes throughout the three degrees focus on the development and advancement of each individual to their highest potential.  We honor the Triple Goddess and the Triple God in all their aspects, and celebrate all life through the Wheel of the Year.

.   We view Wicca as a religion, therefore we study many ancient myths and cultures.  We observe the 8 Sabbats, and the full and new moons.  To honor the old deities, we draw on many pantheons including Celtic, Hindu, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, African/Brazilian, and others. Our tenets and philosophies support tolerance and diversity, and we revere the Earth and her energies