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Aug 26 / admin

“‘My own personal altar? Creating Altars Class, Tues 7:30 PM, 8/28/12, Richardson”

Altars are a vital aspect of ancient traditions.   It is a sacred space where we connect the Spiritual Source within us to our worldly energies and the world of form.  
An altar is the creation of our own sacred space to honor our ancestors, our Deities, or even to celebrate major transitions we are approaching or passing through.  Every civilization around the world has worshipped at altars as an integral part of their spiritual practice.  An altar is a place set apart for interaction with the spiritual. 

Please join us Tuesday August 28, at 7:30 PM for Wicca 101 Class, Creating Altars, taught by Lily.
The Introduction to Altars class will demonstrate the purpose of altars, their use and importance since antiquity, and why they continue to be important to us today.  Students will participate in hands-on exercises creating altars to honor deity, loved ones, or effecting desired changes.

Hello, I am Lily, High Priestess of Circle of Shadow and Light, a Wiccan coven in the American Tradition of the Goddess, or AmTrad.

I attained my 3rd degree on June 25, 2011 from Gryphon, High Priestess of Glade of the Guardian. It is difficult to pinpoint the beginning of my walking the Wiccan path in this life, as my mother is also of the Craft and as such I had a rather different upbringing than most in this day and age. I grew up going to pagan gatherings, rituals and events and learned early on of the Goddess and God and how to honor and worship them, as well as developing healthy respect for all creatures great and small, animate and inanimate, seen and unseen. 

For a time, I was the private student of Raven, Matriarch of AmTrad and learned much from her in the ways of opening up to the Powers That Be while remaining safely within sacred space. I became a formal initiate and 1st degree of Circle of the Moon, Raven’s coven, practically the moment I turned 18 and remained with them until 2003, when I first became a solitaire within the Tradition. I was the first initiate of Circle of the Sacred Flame a couple of years later in 2005 before once again heeding the call of personal spiritual growth and reflection that being a solitaire brings. After several years as a solitaire, I began to feel the call of a coven once more and formally joined Glade of the Guardian in 2008, where I became Maiden and remained until circling out in 2012. I am also an initiate of the McFarland Dianic tradition.

$5.00 facility fee per person, per class is requested (No pre-registration required.)  Even if you have not attended the whole series, you can start at any time.  Each class is designed to stand on its own!

**Check the Event Page at for the Wicca 101–Dallas area, as well as the new Wicca 101–Mid-cities class series just started in 8/2012.  Also see our public Sabbat Rituals.   See our Facebook page and ‘like’ us at 
Classes held at Positive Touch Massage Therapy & Conference Center, 935 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080. Positive Touch is located in Richardson near 75 and and Arapaho. 

Directions from 75 or 635:    North on 75.  Exit Arapaho, exit, turn left on Arapaho, 0.4 mi to Custer, barely turn left on Custer, and 935 is on the right.  See below for details.

Positive Touch Enterprises, Inc.
935 Custer Road
Richardson, TX 75080
800.480.0678 or 972.480.0678

Schedule of upcoming classes: 

9/11/12   Color & Candle Magic –Chuck (Circle of the Unicorn)
9/25 /12  Ritual Format and Etiquette –  Thorn  (Diana’s Retreat)

10/9/12   Herbs, Magical –  Christal  (Circle of the Unicorn)

10/23/12   Aromatherapy –Phoenix  (Dragon Moon Circle)

11/13/12   Astrology 101 –  Aleksandra (Circle of the Wild Wood)

11/27/12  Myth Telling—Eros & Psyche – Rhys  (Circle of the Wild Wood)

12/11/12  Crystals & Stones – Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

1/8/13    Miscellaneous Magic –Phoenix (Dragon Moon Circle)

1/27/13   Chakras & Energy – Grounding & Shielding –– Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/12/13   Meditation –Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/26/13   Divination—Faelind  (Tree of Knowledge)

3/12/13   Runes – Delfin (Circle of the Earth, Sea and Sky)

3/26/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 1-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)

4/2/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 2-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)