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Nov 11 / admin

“Dancing with the Star Signs, Tuesday 11/13, 7:30p, Richardson”

‘How does that which is above us relate to our life on earth?’ The knowledge of astrology stems from that ever-continuing search.  The word astrology, derived from the Greek roots meaning word or reason of the stars, is now applied to the study of the relationship between the heavenly bodies and life on earth. Astrology is a tool that you can use to expand your understanding of yourself, and of the world we all share.

Join us Tuesday, November 13 at 7:30 PM for “Astrology 101” our next Wicca 101 class presented by Aleksandra.

What is in the stars for your future?  Learn basic astrology: the planets, the signs, and how to use those energies in your life and in your magic.

Aleksandra is a 2nd Degree Priestess, and the Guardian of the Circle of the Wildwood in the American Tradition of the Goddess, where she has been a teacher of the Craft for several years. Aleksandra has been making incense and candles for several years using formulas based on aroma-therapeutic and magical properties of essential oils and herbs. She has generously donated her work at CoG Sabbat for fund-raising.  Aleksandra is an avid student of Astrology, and teaches this within her Coven.

Wicca 101 classes are sponsored by the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess.  Visit

$5.00 facility fee per person, per class is requested (No pre-registration required.)  Even if you have not attended the whole series, you can start at any time.  Each class is designed to stand on its own!

**Check the Event Page at for the Wicca 101–Dallas area, as well as the new Wicca 101–Mid-cities class series just started in 8/2012.  

Also see our public Sabbat Rituals.   See our Facebook page and ‘like’ us at 

Classes held at Positive Touch Massage Therapy & Conference Center, 935 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080. Positive Touch is located in Richardson near 75 and and Arapaho.

Directions from 75 or 635:    North on 75.  Exit Arapaho, exit, turn left on Arapaho, 0.4 mi to Custer, barely turn left on Custer, and 935 is on the right.  See below for details.

Schedule of upcoming classes: 

11/27/12  Myth Telling—Eros & Psyche – Rhys  (Circle of the Wild Wood)

12/11/12  Crystals & Stones – Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

1/8/13    Miscellaneous Magic –Phoenix (Dragon Moon Circle)

1/27/13   Chakras & Energy – Grounding & Shielding –– Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/12/13   Meditation –Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/26/13   Divination—Faelind  (Tree of Knowledge)

3/12/13   Runes – Delfin (Circle of the Earth, Sea and Sky)

3/26/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 1-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)

4/2/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 2-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon