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Nov 26 / admin

“Psyche & Eros, a myth-telling, Tuesday 11/27, 7:30p, Richardson”

Join us Tuesday, November 27 at 7:30 PM for “Psyche and Eros”, a mythical love story, our next Wicca 101 class presented by Rhys.

We will spend some relaxing time listening to this timeless story, with just a light sprinkling of Jungian imaging and metaphor to enhance the flavor.

The myth of Psyche and Eros is probably one of the most beautiful Greek myths; it has been told and retold in several different versions and it has inspired artists all over the world.

“Myths and symbols are in the language of the soul. A myth helps us to take a situation to heart and know what we must do: if it is to see the truth and act upon it, then the image of Psyche with her sword provides a magic perspective. A symbolic object can then be a talisman that helps us to do what we need to do. Like passing a literal torch, these are rituals that empower us by infusing an act with a deeper meaning. To think and act this way is magical, metaphoric thinking that can call forth the qualities we need from within ourselves and may also tap into sources of help that lie beyond us.” (Jean Shinoda-Bolin).

Rhys Ashlyn Eavan, is the High Priestess of Circle of the Wild Wood, of American Tradition of the Goddess, in North Dallas.   Her coven is long-standing in Covenant of the Goddess, North Texas Local Council, where she has currently serves as Education Point for the Wicca 101 classes.   Rhys is a Third Degree High Priestess out of Aspen Leaf Circle, starting Circle of the Wild Wood 9 years ago.  She was also a member of the New Moon inner circle for several years and Wild Wood has participated in various ways with Amy Martin’s Winter Solstice Celebration.  Rhys and her coven promote education of the Wiccan students, and her Initiates not only serve as teachers of her Coven, but as well-qualified, ethical teachers/leaders in the larger Pagan community. The Coven Initiates teach several of the Wicca 101 classes in Richardson and Arlington.   Wild Wood has participated in the presentation of public rituals for CoG, held on each of the Sabbats, and they have been very involved with the United Earth Assembly 3 day Pagan events sponsored by Covenant of the Goddess.  Circle of the Wild Wood–

Wicca 101 classes are sponsored by the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess.  Visit

$5.00 facility fee per person, per class is requested (No pre-registration required.)  Even if you have not attended the whole series, you can start at any time.  Each class is designed to stand on its own! 

**Check the Event Page at for the Wicca 101–Dallas area, as well as the new Wicca 101–Mid-cities class series.   Also see our public Sabbat Rituals.   See our Facebook page and ‘like’ us at 

The Richardson classes are held 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7:30 to 9pm, at Positive Touch Massage Therapy & Conference Center, 935 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080.  Positive Touch is located in Richardson near 75 and and Arapaho.

Positive Touch Enterprises, Inc.

935 Custer Road

Richardson, TX 75080

800.480.0678 or 972.480.0678

Schedule of upcoming classes: 

12/11/12  Crystals & Stones – Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

12/25/12- (no class)

1/8/13    Miscellaneous Magic –Phoenix (Dragon Moon Circle)

1/22/13   Chakras & Energy – Grounding & Shielding –– Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/12/13   Meditation –Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/26/13   Divination—Faelind  (Tree of Knowledge)

3/12/13   Runes – Delfin (Circle of the Earth, Sea and Sky)

3/26/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 1-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)

4/9/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 2-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon