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A rainbow of energy? Chakras and Energy – Tues 1/29, Richardson

Join us Tuesday, 1/29/13 at 7:30 PM for our next Wicca 101 class, Chakras and Energy – Grounding and Shielding presented by Johnny from Amethyst Dragon!

All life and all energy comes from light. The seven colors of the spectrum, as seen in the rainbow, are representative of the seven major chakras. Chakras do not come from a specific spirituality or culture. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit and means ‘Wheel’. Many cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, the Greeks, and the Incan and Mayan peoples have been aware of these energy centers.

The core objective for “Chakras and Energy: Grounding and Shielding” is to gain awareness and understanding of how chakras impact and effect our energy, learn the concept of grounding and shielding, and practice techniques to use what we learned. 

Hi.  My name is Johnny.  I am HP of Amethyst Dragon Coven, and happily married to my HPS.  I started TM in ’78, stones, runes and other metaphysical studies around ’80, Reiki in ’87, Wicca in ’90, Reiki Master in ’97, and co-founded Amethyst Dragon in 2000.  My philosophy and teaching, centers around healing and clearing our connection with, and understanding of, the infinite love, wisdom, beauty, and power of the Divine.

Wicca 101 classes are sponsored by the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess.  Visit 

$5.00 facility fee per person, per class is requested (No pre-registration required.)  Even if you have not attended the whole series, you can start at any time.  Each class is designed to stand on its own!


**Check the Event Page at for the Wicca 101–Dallas area, as well as the new Wicca 101–Mid-cities class series just started in 8/2012.  

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Classes held at Positive Touch Massage Therapy & Conference Center, 935 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080. Positive Touch is located in Richardson near 75 and and Arapaho.

Directions from 75 or 635:    North on 75.  Exit Arapaho, exit, turn left on Arapaho, 0.4 mi to Custer, barely turn left on Custer, and 935 is on the right.  See below for details.

Schedule of upcoming classes: 

2/12/13   Meditation –Johnny  (Amethyst Dragon)

2/26/13   Divination—Faelind  (Tree of Knowledge)

3/12/13   Runes – Delfin (Circle of the Earth, Sea and Sky)

3/26/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 1-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)

4/9/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 2-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon

**Stay tuned for the 5th Series of ‘Wicca 101, starting 4/23/13!