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Feb 23 / admin

Look into my crystal ball? Divination? Tues 2/26, 7:30p Richardson

Join us this Tuesday, February 26th at 7:30 PM for our ongoing Wicca 101 series to learn Divination presented by Faelind. 

From caveman to shaman to Gypsy fortuneteller, people the world over have sought the answer to the question:  What does the future hold for me?  Answers have been found in varied ways, but in almost every instance they have been arrived at through some method of divination.  We create our personal realities out of the infinite possibilities of the universe around us.   Come learn about the worlds beyond this one and understand why people have used divination to find ways to access that connected and magical knowledge.

The class will be an interactive and hands-on opportunity to ‘divine’ the answers to your questions after a short introduction to the subject.  Join us on our journey to the answers you seek.

Faelind is High Priestess of Tree of Knowledge Coven, a Coven member of the American Tradition of the Goddess, lovingly referred to as AmTrad.  She is active in the Covenant of the Goddess (COG), a national organization of Wiccan Covens, serving as 2011/2012 Public Information Officer (PIO) in the Texas Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess and as Pursewarden and Treasurer for 2012/2013.  Faelind served as National Co-Second Officer for 2010/2011, helping organize and host the COG national business meeting known as Grand Council/Merry Meet in Irving, Texas.  Prior to serving as National Co-Second Officer, she served as Local Council Second Officer sponsoring the production and promotion of two annual United Earth Assembly events in Irving, Texas.  
Faelind has worked on the Education Committee established to facilitate twice-monthly Wicca 101 classes in Richardson, Texas and was honored to teach the beginning Wicca 101 Class, “What is Wicca?” to start off the fourth year of the 2012 series.  She considered it a gift to kick off the new, expanded Arlington, Texas series of Wicca 101 Classes sponsored by CoG during 2012 as well. 
Faelind is an eclectic Witch who loves Trees and finds resonance with the Tree of Knowledge that she doesn’t quite understand, but for which she is altogether very, very grateful.  Though she works a very demanding job as a Senior IT Technical Director for a GINORMOUS telecommunications company, she frequently sports purple, pink, and blue hair, (but has only a subtle touch of blue at the moment!)  She has been described as, “having never met a stranger!”  though she says you would be hard-pressed to find anyone stranger than her!

Wicca 101 classes are sponsored by the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess.  Visit 

$5.00 facility fee per person, per class is requested (No pre-registration required.)  Even if you have not attended the whole series, you can start at any time.  Each class is designed to stand on its own!

**Check the Event Page at for the Wicca 101–Dallas area, as well as the new Wicca 101–Mid-cities class series just started in 8/2012.  Also see our public Sabbat Rituals.   See our Facebook page and ‘like’ us at 

Classes held at Positive Touch Massage Therapy & Conference Center, 935 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080. Positive Touch is located in Richardson near 75 and and Arapaho.

Directions from 75 or 635:    North on 75.  Exit Arapaho, exit, turn left on Arapaho, 0.4 mi to Custer, barely turn left on Custer, and 935 is on the right.  See below for details.

Positive Touch Enterprises, Inc.

935 Custer Road

Richardson, TX 75080

800.480.0678 or 972.480.0678

Schedule of upcoming classes: 

3/12/13   Runes – Delfin (Circle of the Earth, Sea and Sky)

3/26/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 1-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon)

4/9/13   Reiki Level One –Pt 2-   Johnny (Amethyst Dragon

**Stay tuned for the 5th Series of ‘Wicca 101, starting 4/23/13!