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Things Pagans Do




We love our pageantry and festivals!   We dance around the edges of life, around the Wheel of the Year.  We dance with the drums at our bonfires.  We love our holidays,…our Holy Days…




   We love music and the arts!



We are free of dogma in our spiritual beliefs, and we practice what resonates with our own Sacred Truths.  We are strong, but not regimented.  We celebrate expression of self!

Spiral Dance

Nature is our cathedral. We follow the cycles of nature, and the natural cycles of life!  We integrate mind, body and spirit.


We see the web of creation and understand that how we impact matters, because we are all connected.  We understand that energy never dies, it just changes forms.   A starry sky connects us to our ancient past and gives hope for our future.  What we see there has past, and what has formed cannot yet be seen.  Our same energy today, existed in those ancient long-dead stars we we see.  We are truly stardust!

We are your neighbors, your friends.  We are physicians, nurses, teachers, executives, laborers who work with our hands.  We are artists and bus drivers.  We are mothers and fathers.  We raise our children to have integrity, and values. We teach them to make independent choices.  We honor our elderly and our soldiers.  We welcome diversity.  We tolerate others’ right to choose their beliefs, even if they are not tolerant of us.   We are not dangerous, and we are not a joke.

We are all around you.  We are everywhere!