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About Rhys

Hi, I’m Rhys, the High Priestess of Circle of the Wild Wood, of American Tradition of the Goddess, in North Dallas.  My coven, Circle of the Wild Wood, is long-standing in Covenant of the Goddess, North Texas Local Council, where I currently serve as Education Point for the Wicca 101 classes held in Richardson, TX.   I am a Third Degree High Priestess out of Aspen Leaf Circle, starting Circle of the Wild Wood 9 years ago.

  I was also a member of the New Moon inner circle for several years.  I have always believed that education in history, philosophy, culture and psychology, is imperative to a well-rounded individual following the Wiccan Path.  This is not the easiest path, and I find there are many opportunities to help others learn that we are valid in knowledge, experience and psychological sophistication.  My students come from all walks of life from artists, to nurses, teachers, business workers and home-bodies. We thrive as a group with both men and women and are diverse, and tolerant, even of those who are intolerant with us.  We all share the love of learning and passing on that knowledge.   Most of my Initiates have been with me for several years and have a firm commitment to the enhancement of the individual, as well as our group.  We are not flakes, squirrels, sensationalists or granola-heads.  Circle of the Wild Wood promotes the education of the Wiccan student, and my Initiates not only serve as teachers of my coven, but as well-qualified, ethical teachers/leaders in the larger Pagan community.  The coven Initiates teach several of the Wicca 101 classes in Richardson.   Wild Wood has participated in the presentation of public rituals for CoG held on each of the Sabbats, and we have been very involved with the United Earth Assembly, 3 day Pagan events sponsored by Covenant of the Goddess.

Mind over Matter…Personal Empowerment!

As far as my calling, I feel creating a sacred space where students and Initiates can learn to touch deity, be in touch with their souls, at home with their own truths. Blessings, Rhys

Samhain 2011–Maman Bridgette